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Your First Visit

Your first visit is of course your most important visit. That's when we get to know you first of all... and that's when you get to know us too.

It's also the time when we take a good look at your medical and dental history, and do a number of important examinations, such as preliminary oral cancer screening, taking x-rays if needed, and looking for evidence of gum disease and other dental problems. Anything else? Well, yes!... a whole lot more actually.

Indeed most patients are very suprised at the thoroughness of their first visit here, and it is quite typical for new patients to tell us that they have never had such a complete dental exam before. But that's how we do it, and we do it because... really... that's how it should be done. We take our time, and we determine just what your dental state is. You want that from your dental team, don't you? Of course you do!

I am very, very happy that you are considering coming to our office for your dental needs. My staff and I work hard to make sure each and every patient's individual needs are understood and planned for. I think you will find you will receive the welcomeness you really need from your medical staff, and also the friendliness you want from your "hometown" dental office.


Comprehensive Dentistry

We practice comprehensive dentistry and the philosophy of Dr. Michael Cohen, the founder of the Seattle Study Club. What this means is that each patient is looked at as a unique case, and, if there are dental needs to be addressed, a plan is developed to care for those needs, addressing the most pressing needs first.


Dental Health

You will find that we offer a full range of dental health treatments. These include a range of procedures from regular cleaning appointments, but also deep cleaning procedures that put your mouth into the optimal state of health that will help insure the wellness of your person and the health of your teeth for the years to come.

Dental Treatments

We also offer a complete range of dental, restorative treatments, including crowns, bridges and simple fillings, but also addressing other oral issues such as oral cancer screening.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Our office is also well known for addressing the cosmetic concerns and desires of patients. Cosmetic dentistry includes many techniques to improve the appearance of a patients teeth, including teeth whitening, dental implants, dental veneers, and full mouth reconstruction.


We Welcome Your Children and Spouses

Many of our patients also bring their children to us. They know how much we care that the first dental experiences a child has can stay with that child the rest of their lives. So, we are very, very careful about that first, second and third experience for children, and also how coming to the dentist as a family also makes for a better all around experience for all.