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Emergencies during office hours

We always try to reserve enough time to see people with a dental emergency, especially for our own patients. If you are not one of our patients, however, call us, and we will see if we can possibly see you.

Emergencies after hours   (please, our patients of record only)

Call the office number: 612-338-2835 for the emergency number (the answering machine will have the dentist's emergency number recorded for you to call).

Dr. Meysman's Patients

If you are one of Dr. Meysman's patients in Minneapolis, and you have a dental emergency that cannot wait until our dental office opens, we want you to call right away. You can find the emergency number by first calling the regular office number: the current emergency phone number will be recorded there.


Emergency Prescriptions

If you believe you need a prescription called in after hours, there are two pieces of information the dentist will need from you when you call the emergency number:

  • The pharmacy number where you want the dentist to call in the prescription, and
  • Your date of birth

From your dentist Dr. Tripti Meysman:

All my patients know they are encouraged to call me after hours if they have a dental emergency that cannot wait until our dental office opens next.

Don't hesitate. I'm here to help.