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We accept most dental insurance plans offered by employers in the metro area, as well as numerous other dental insurance plans offered by insurers for dentistry.

What patients should know about "dental insurance":

Dental "insurance" really means dental "benefit".

Patients often think dental insurance is like medical insurance. Unfortunately this often gives patients the expectation that having dental insurance means the insurance company will pay for most, if not all, of their dentistry and dental needs.

Unfortunately dental insurance is not like medical insurance. It is more appropriately called a dental benefit: the patient has a maximum amount that will be paid for dental needs per year. If a patient's dental needs exceed this amount, then, unlike medical insurance, the dental insurance has effectively dried up.

What if my dental insurance is used up?

If your dental insurance benefit has reached its limit, but the dentist has determined that dentistry treatments and procedures cannot wait until next year, we offer CareCredit as a way to take care of your dental needs now and pay for them interest free over a specified time.

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